A behind the scenes look at  MFS

1. FILTER COMPONENT: The Filter is a sand styled filter with an automatic backwashing valve utilizing a proprietary media blend including, but not limited to, Powdered Glass and epoxy coated aggregate(s). This media blend consistently filters the water down to as little as 5 microns.

2. PH CONTROL COMPONENT: The pH water parameter is automated with a sensor driven system that uses a weak acid or CO2 in the return line. It utilizes a side-stream sampling chamber that holds the sensor, continuously reading and adjusting the pH of the water.

3. MULTI-PUMP PRODUCT FEEDER COMPONENT: The product feeder system applies a proprietary blend of liquid products to help prevent many water problems; including, but not limited to Biofilm, Mineral Scale, Bacteria and others. These MFS proprietary products include Enzymes, Clarifiers & Conditioners.

4. OXIDATION CONDITIONING COMPONENT: This component produces Oxygen and Hydroxyls from the water to oxidize impurities in the water as well as condition the minerals AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). The Magnetic Field helps to condition the minerals in the water & assists in oxidation plate longevity.

5. BIOFILM RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION: The pool surface, air tubing and plumbing are all impregnated with an NSF approved proprietary bacteriostatic material. This reduces or eliminates the formation of Biofilm on the spa or pool surface and internal plumbing.

6. UV LIGHT COMPONENT: A High Powered Germicidal UV Light is used to treat the water directly after the oxidation component creating AOP. This UV component is designed and sized to be 250% more efficient than other UV setups.

7. EAST (Easy Access Service Track): All system components are housed in a PVC constructed service box that rides on special casters. This movable service box works like a drawer – allowing for easy access to components. making yearly service a SNAP.