THEM vs. US… at a glance


1. Buy water testing kit & chemical $$$
2. Test for Total Alkalinity & Calcium
3. Adjust Chlorine/Bromine weekly
4. Shock weekly & after heavy use
5. Test & adjust Ph daily or weekly
6. Remove & clean filters weekly
7. Replace filters every 6 to 12 months
8. Replace & rebalance water quarterly
9. Wipe or brush down surface weekly
10. Clean out skimmer
11. Clean chamber on salt system
12. Regular heater replacement
13. Frequent jet replacement

*The majority of these duties are done daily or weekly. The products used to perform these tasks must be repurchased often, which wastes your most valuable asset… TIME


1. Wipe down exterior area as needed
2. Replace skimmer sheet as needed
3. Have system serviced once a year

MFS is 98%
Maintenance Free!

NO Filters to clean or replace!
NO water testing balancing ever!
NO acid to handle for pH!
NO regular shocking needed!
NO or Low Chlorine system!
NO frequent water draining.

The fine print… MFS is not only the most maintenance free system in the world, it is by far the cleanest, MOST Sanitary system! In fact, nothing else is even close when it comes to keeping your water clean and safe. Isn’t that the most important thing? This is because the whole basis of the MFS System is to keep your water and all the surfaces as clean as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MFS method of maintenance and sanitation is not available on ANY other brand and it took 16 years of compiled field study and 3 years of in-house R & D to develop.

MFS… You Will Be AMAZED!

– EPA Est. 091662-FL-001 Patent Pending US 62/772909 –