SAVE BIG Money with this Revealing Story! As water chemistry consultants for more than 30 years we have heard 100s of customer complaints when it comes to spa and pool maintenance. Within those complaints, we saw a pattern. The pattern was that most complaints were about filter cleaning, water chemistry and Chlorine. The words HATE, and I GIVE UP – along with other more colorful language was often used by customers to describe these mind-numbing maintenance tasks – as well as the toxic Chlorine & other Chemical problems.

But was it really that bad? Did everyone really HATE these things – or was it just our specific customer?

Great Question! So, we decided to investigate further with some good ‘old school’ survey work. We went on the streets and surveyed 153 random spa/pool owners in Florida and what we found was amazing. Our complaint information was 97% accurate. Yes, 97% of the those surveyed HATED these duties – with filter cleaning, water chemistry (chlorine) and spa draining being at the top of their list. Many also asked how they could eliminate all this work for themselves or eliminate the cost associated with having to ‘hire’ someone else to do it.

So, seeing the writing on the wall we set out to eliminate these problems once
and for all… And guess what – We Did!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MFS method of maintenance and sanitation are not available on ANY other brand and it took 16 years of compiled field study and 3 years of in-house R & D to develop.  This is a true 98% maintenance free & Chlorine Free sanitation system you can count on!

MFS is not only the most maintenance free system in the world, it produces by far the cleanest, MOST Sanitary Water. In fact, nothing else even comes close when it comes to being clean and safe – and isn’t that the point in the first place. This is because the whole basis of MFS is to keep your water and all the surfaces as sanitary as possible.

Here Are Some of the Customer Benefits:

  • 98% Maintenance FREE (Patented Process System & Construction)
  • No Filters to maintain clean or replace!
  • Lifetime filter media warranty!
  • Lifetime heater element warranty!
  • 20 years structural shell warranty
  • No water testing or balancing to do!
  • No acid or regular shocking needed!
  • No Chlorine or Low Chlorine/Salt system! (Customer Choice)
  • Clear Clean Safe Water! EPA Certified Products
  • No Frequent Water Draining and Refilling!
  • Auto-Fill feature (optional) No Frequent Spa Water Replacing!
  • Only service system 1 time a year!
  • No Trips to the pool supply store or weekly maintenance fees.
  • Smartphone Controls

Patented Process System Features 

  • 100% Automated Filtering System (patent-pending)
  • 100% Automated pH Control (optimum sanitizer performance & Corrosion Control)
  • 100% Automated Sanitation (EPA compliant)
  • 100% Automated Hyper Oxidation Water Processing (Hydroxyl) AOP
  • 100% Automated 24hr BIOFILM prevention (bacteria colony) (Shell-Plumbing-Filter Media)
  • 100% Automated Recycled Backwash Waste (green tech – optional)
  • Auto-Fill/& drain feature (optional) No Frequent Spa Draining & Filling